[Lustre-discuss] Regarding the Parallel File System..

linux freaker linuxfreaker at gmail.com
Tue May 21 21:07:01 PDT 2013

I have few questions regarding the Lustre Filesystem with 1 MDS/MDT on the
same machine, 2 OSS configured with LVM created through LVM(total of 12
OSTs) and 4 Lustre Client running Hadoop(1 namenode and 3 datanode). Hadoop
uses Lustre instead of HDFS.

Question: I have created LVM for OSTs instead of physical hard disk? How is
it going to affect my wordcount example running on 1 Namenode and 3
Datanodes. Say, if its 20 min for 18GB plain data wordcount to finish,
using physical hard disk will lessen the time?

Question: I would like to use other dataset like wikipedia dump instead of
simple wordcount. How shall I put the
In case of HDFS, I simply loaded into HDFS through -copyFromLocal command.
Please suggest for Lustre.
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