[Lustre-discuss] Fwd: MDT fails to mount after lustre upgrade

Parinay Kondekar parinay_kondekar at xyratex.com
Thu Apr 24 08:06:00 PDT 2014


Does this look similar - https://jira.hpdd.intel.com/browse/LU-4634 ?

including hpdd-discuss.


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From: Anjana Kar <kar at psc.edu>
Date: 24 April 2014 20:16
Subject: Re: [Lustre-discuss] MDT fails to mount after lustre upgrade
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Would it make sense to run
"tunefs.lustre --mgs --writeconf --mgs --mdt /dev/sda /dev/sdb" ?

The original mkfs command used to create the MDT was
mkfs.lustre --reformat --fsname=iconfs --mgs --mdt --backfstype=zfs
--device-size 131072 \
--index=0 lustre-mgs-mdt/mgsmdt0 mirror /dev/sda /dev/sdb

Not sure if both device names should be included or the zpool name.

The latest 2.5.x version also fails to mount MDT with similar messages,
zpool seems intact... is there anyway to get MDT to mount?

[root at icon0 kar]# more /proc/fs/lustre/version
lustre: 2.5.58
kernel: patchless_client
build: 2.5.58-g5565877-PRISTINE-2.6.32-431.11.2.el6.netboot

[root at icon0 kar]# /sbin/service lustre start mgsmdt

Mounting lustre-mgs-mdt/mgsmdt0 on /mnt/lustre/local/mgsmdt
mount.lustre: mount lustre-mgs-mdt/mgsmdt0 at /mnt/lustre/local/mgsmdt
failed: File exists

[root at icon0 kar]# zpool list
lustre-mgs-mdt  74.5G  47.2G  27.3G    63%  1.00x ONLINE  -

Corresponding console messages:
2014-04-24T10:36:53.736967-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: Lustre: Lustre:
Build Version: 2.5.58-g5565877-PRISTINE-2.6.32-431.11.2.el6.netboot
2014-04-24T10:36:53.986362-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: LNet: Added LNI at o2ib [8/256/0/180]
2014-04-24T10:36:54.005177-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: LNet: Added LNI at tcp10 [8/256/0/180]
2014-04-24T10:36:54.009556-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: LNet: Accept secure,
port 988
2014-04-24T10:36:57.428805-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: LustreError: 11-0:
iconfs-MDT0000-lwp-MDT0000: Communicating with 0 at lo, operation mds_connect
failed with -11.
2014-04-24T10:36:58.600958-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: LustreError:
11888:0:(mdd_device.c:1050:mdd_prepare()) iconfs-MDD0000: failed to
initialize lfsck: rc = -17
2014-04-24T10:36:58.600978-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: LustreError:
11888:0:(obd_mount_server.c:1776:server_fill_super()) Unable to start
targets: -17
2014-04-24T10:36:58.614082-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: Lustre: Failing over
2014-04-24T10:37:04.885917-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: Lustre:
11888:0:(client.c:1912:ptlrpc_expire_one_request()) @@@ Request sent has
timed out for slow reply: [sent 1398350218/real 1398350218]
 req at ffff8802fca1a000 x1466276472946828/t0(0)
o251->MGC10.10.101.160 at o2ib@0 at lo:26/25
lens 224/224 e 0 to 1 dl 1398350224 ref 2 fl Rpc:XN/0/ffffffff rc 0/-1
2014-04-24T10:37:05.418516-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: Lustre: server
umount iconfs-MDT0000 complete
2014-04-24T10:37:05.418535-04:00 icon0.psc.edu kernel: LustreError:
11888:0:(obd_mount.c:1338:lustre_fill_super()) Unable to mount  (-17)


-Anjana Kar
 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
 kar at psc.edu
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