[Lustre-discuss] Client build fails on Ubuntu 13.10 (3.11 kernel)

Anjana Kar kar at psc.edu
Tue Aug 19 08:43:18 PDT 2014


Has anyone succeeded in building lustre 2.5 client on an Ubuntu system.
After a "configure --disable-server", the make starts, but fails rather 
with these errors....

error: unknown type name ‘read_proc_t’
  typedef read_proc_t                     cfs_read_proc_t;
error: unknown type name ‘write_proc_t’
  typedef write_proc_t                    cfs_write_proc_t;
lustre-release.2.5/libcfs/libcfs/linux/linux-tracefile.o] Error 1

Thanks for any pointers.

-Anjana Kar
  Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  kar at psc.edu

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