[Lustre-discuss] [HPDD-discuss] Time to kill off some old LND driver

Atchley, Scott atchleyes at ornl.gov
Wed Feb 26 09:53:15 PST 2014

Hi Andreas,

Myricom contacted me and said that they are not supporting it any longer. Feel free to delete it.


On Feb 24, 2014, at 1:05 PM, Scott Atchley <ATCHLEYES at ORNL.GOV> wrote:

> Hi Andreas,
> I do not know if anyone is still using mxlnd or not.
> I do not know if anyone at Myricom will provide support for it. Also, I am not sure if the MX kernel API is still fully maintained. I have CC'd help at mryi.com in case they wish to comment.
> Scott
> On Feb 20, 2014, at 1:39 PM, "Dilger, Andreas" <andreas.dilger at intel.com> wrote:
>> Forwarding this to lustre-discuss and the mxlnd author to reach the
>> maximum audience.
>> I definitely think qswlnd is beyond its useful lifetime (Quadrics is out
>> of business since 2009, so any systems using it are at least 5 years old),
>> and I believe ralnd is the same boat (it was only used for much older Cray
>> systems).  No idea if anyone is still using mxlnd?
>> On 2014/02/20, 9:08 AM, "Simmons, James A." <simmonsja at ornl.gov> wrote:
>>> Currently the main LND drivers in the tree are o2iblnd, gnilnd, and
>>> socklnd. We also have a few drivers which are up for discussion for
>>> removal. 
>>> The drivers up for discussion for removal are:
>>> qswlnd
>>> mxlnd
>>> ralnd
>>> If anyone is using these drivers speak up otherwise their removal will be
>>> put into the pipeline.
>> Cheers, Andreas
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