[Lustre-discuss] OST acting up

Ron Croonenberg ronc at lanl.gov
Thu Nov 13 07:49:55 PST 2014

whoops,  sent from wrong email address,  form right address now:


I am using Lustre 2.4.2 and have an OST that doesn't seem to be written to.

When I check the MDS with 'lctl dl' I do not see that OST in the list.
However when I check the OSS that OST belongs to I can see it is mounted 
and up;

   0 UP osd-zfs l2-OST0003-osd l2-OST0003-osd_UUID 5
   3 UP obdfilter l2-OST0003 l2-OST0003_UUID 5
   4 UP lwp l2-MDT0000-lwp-OST0003 l2-MDT0000-lwp-OST0003_UUID 5

Since it isn't written to (the MDS doesn't seem to know about it, I 
created a directory. The index of that OST is 3  so I did a "lfs 
setstripe -i 3 -c 1 /mnt/l2-lustre/test-37" to force stuff that is 
written in that directory to be written on OST03

However when I issue that command I get:

-bash-4.1# lfs setstripe -i 3 -c 1 /mnt/l2-lustre/test-37
error on ioctl 0x4008669a for '/mnt/l2-lustre/test-37' (3): Invalid argument
error: setstripe: create stripe file '/mnt/l2-lustre/test-37' failed

any ideas?



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