[Lustre-discuss] lctl tcp routing

Alexander Oltu Alexander.Oltu at uni.no
Thu Nov 20 06:15:20 PST 2014


We have  a cluster with its internal Lustre filesystem with 10GbE
TCP/IP lnet. The IP range is in 172.16/16 subnet.

Now we want to mount an external Lustre filesystem on our compute
nodes. The external FS has an IP range in 192.168.200/24 subnet.

Switches from both are connected.

We fixed routing tables on both subnets by:
on 172.16 machines:
 route add -net dev eth0
on 192.168.200 machines:
 route add -net dev eth0

We can ping nodes each other from the both subnets. But lnet ping is not
working and as such we can't mount external Lustre filesystem.

I know that we can add virtual IPs on the compute nodes in 192.168.200
range and it will work, but maybe someone knows about solution with
routing tables and lctl routes?


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