[Lustre-discuss] zero length files on lustre

Anjana Kar kar at psc.edu
Wed Oct 8 17:50:11 PDT 2014

After some low level SAS expander firmware updates on our JetStor shelves,
the lustre filesystem is reporting several zero length files. The raids show
normal status, and all OSTs mount on the OSS nodes w/o problems. The
clients also mount the filesystem. Read/write tests from the clients report
no errors, but several files which had content before are showing up zero
length. These files appear to be on different OSTs so it's not on any 
shelf. Rebooting the servers and a few clients hasn't shown any change.
Servers are running CentOS 5.5, lustre 1.8.3.

Could low level disk settings cause lustre to report zero length files?
There have been no software changes on these systems, so not sure
what could be causing this. Any thoughts?

-Anjana Kar
  Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  kar at psc.edu

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