[lustre-discuss] Facing Problem with Wireshark dissectors of lustre

Dilger, Andreas andreas.dilger at intel.com
Wed Apr 22 08:38:15 PDT 2015

What version of Lustre are you using, and what version of Wireshark?

If you are running client/OST/MDT on the same node then no messages are sent over the network, not even the TCP loopback interface.  You need to have client & servers on separate nodes to monitor the Lustre packets.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger
Lustre Software Architect
Intel High Performance Data Division

On 2015/04/22, 5:31 AM, "Ulka Vaze" <ulka.vaze at clogeny.com<mailto:ulka.vaze at clogeny.com>> wrote:

Hi ,
I am unable to see any packet in wireshark from lnet.
Following are my details of setup-
I have installed and configured lustre on single vm with every thing client,mds and odt on same system.
I have compiled wireshark dissectors form lustre-release/contrib/wireshark , during compilation i faced many issues related to gcc compatibilities, however i hv managed to generate lnet.so and lustre.so and added those plugins in wirshark.
But on my system any read write operation does not get any lnet packet.
So my question is -
1. Has anyone used this and if yes are you able to get the packets.
2. Is packets travel through actual eth interface in case of single setup?
3. Can anyone share setup details for wireshark ?

Thanks & Regards,


Ulka Vaze
Principle System Software Engineer,


Ulka.vaze at clogeny.com<mailto:Ulka.vaze at clogeny.com>


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