[lustre-discuss] lustre client server interoperability

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Tue Aug 11 12:23:24 PDT 2015

No - 2.5 is the last public stable client release from Intel.

On 8/11/15, 2:22 PM, "Kurt Strosahl" <strosahl at jlab.org> wrote:

>So is there a stable client for centos 7 that is backwards compatible
>with 2.5.3?
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>Yes.  It's worth noting that 2.7 is probably marginally less reliable
>than 2.5, since it has had no updates/fixes since it was released.
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>   Is the 2.7 lustre client compatible with lustre 2.5.3 servers?  I'm
>running a 2.5.3 system lustre system, but have been asked by a few people
>about upgrading some of our clients to CentOS 7 (which appears to need a
>2.7 or greater client).
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