[lustre-discuss] lfsck message: fs-MDT0000-osd: trigger OI scrub by RPC for [FID]

Chris Hunter chris.hunter at yale.edu
Sun Aug 30 08:05:16 PDT 2015

We are in the process of upgrading a filesystem from lustre 2.1 to 2.5.
We see log messages on the MDT host about auto OI_scrub every ~15min :
> Lustre: testfs-MDT0000-osd: trigger OI scrub by RPC for [0x2024696cd:0x3:0x0], rc = 0 [1]

The messages mention the same FID. This appears to trigger an auto 
OI_scrub/lfsck on the MDT, which is annoying since the auto OI_scrub 
degrades performance. Since the message repeats I assume the online 
lfsck tool is unable to fix the problem?

A few questions:
- is the a OST or MDT FID (the fid2path tool will not resolve the FID)
- Is there alternative tool or manual method to resolve or remove the FID ?

Unfortunately this a complicated case. We have known missing objects on 
the filesystem. The filesystem was originally created using lustre 1.8 
then upgraded to 2.1.

chris hunter
chris.hunter at yale.edu

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