[lustre-discuss] quota only in- but not decreasing after upgrading to Lustre 2.5.3

Cowe, Malcolm J malcolm.j.cowe at intel.com
Mon Jul 27 18:23:04 PDT 2015

Well, just to close any loopholes, did you also enable quota for the OSTs on the MGS?, i.e.:

lctl conf_param <fsname>.quota.ost=ug

You can verify status on the servers with:

lctl get_param *.*.quota_slave.info


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Dear all,

we run a cluster with 1 MDS server (plus one standby) and 2 OST servers
running CentOS 6.

Recently we

- upgraded a Lustre cluster from 2.1.x to 2.5.3 (clients were on 2.5.3
- migrated from NIS to Kerberos (on the MDT, the OSTs had and still have
no user information configured into the OS)

During the upgrade process, we did a

 tunefs.lustre --quota /dev/mapper/MGTMDT


 for lun in 01 03 05 07 09 0B 0D; do echo "LUN: OST00$lun";
tunefs.lustre --quota /dev/mapper/OST00$lun; done

(for all OSTs).

Quota seems to be on (and we did a lctl conf_param lustre.quota.mdt=ug
on the MDT just to be sure), but

the quota (both users and group) is only increasing when saving data but
not decreasing after deleting with some "rm" anymore, even if you delete
a TB or so. Verified with a couple of users.

We use

lfs quota -u username /lustre

to monitor the quota.

A google search did not lead to any hint, so I hope someone on the list
has an idea.

Thanks and kind regards,


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