[lustre-discuss] lustre 2.5.3 changelog question

Ben Evans bevans at cray.com
Thu Jun 18 06:49:14 PDT 2015

Should be just the directory itself, otherwise you'd have to change all the files and directories underneath, which means you'd have to recurse through the entire tree making changes.

Full path names are built up on the fly, not fixed in a filename.  Directories know the names of all the things underneath them, items in a directory don't know what directory they're in (in the case of hard links, it could be many at once!)

Note:  I haven't actually examined the changelog code
-Ben Evans

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Good Morning,

   A quick question regarding the changelog... Lets say that I have a directory A with some files in it.  I rename the directory using the mv command. Will the changelog only record the change in the directory, or will the changelog record a change for all the files within the directory?

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