[lustre-discuss] lester on mds with low memory

Alexander Oltu Alexander.Oltu at uib.no
Fri Mar 27 01:38:40 PDT 2015

> On 26 Mar 2015, at 14:58, Mohr Jr, Richard Frank (Rick Mohr) <rmohr at utk.edu> wrote:
>> On Mar 26, 2015, at 6:14 AM, Alexander Oltu <Alexander.Oltu at uib.no> wrote:
>> This is the current memory situation on MDS:
>> cat /proc/meminfo |egrep 'MemTotal|MemFree|Buffers|Slab'
>> MemTotal:       16533620 kB
>> MemFree:         1025312 kB
>> Buffers:        12591976 kB
>> Slab:            1391508 kB
>> By dropping caches we can make maximum available memory of 1,5GB. When we run Lester it gets killed by OOM (System has no swap).
> Just to clarify, are you dropping caches before running Lester and there is only 1.5 GB free before Lester starts?  Do you happen to know where the buffer memory is being used?

yes, right before starting Lester. I tried sending 1 and sending 3 to /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches, maximum I can get is 1.5 GB.

I don’t know where the buffer memory is being used. Running “sync” didn’t change anything. I was thinking maybe this is something Lustre related.


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