[lustre-discuss] Apache via NFS via Lustre

Eric Kolb ekolb at uvic.ca
Mon Nov 30 09:53:20 PST 2015


Perhaps someone has seen a similar issue? If so any insight would be 

We recently migrated some websites from an NFS share by which the NFS 
server is exporting a share sitting on a Lustre mount. Below is the issue.

- sftp a file to website.ca - the load balancer will direct session to 
server1 or server2, let us say server1 in this case

- Accessing the file with Apache via server1 works but via server2 a NFS 
EIO -13 error is encountered

- On server1 (or server2) copy the file to /dev/null makes the file 
accessible to Apache on either server1 or server2

- As work around sftp file to a temporary location, then ssh into 
website.ca and "cp tmp/file.jpeg www/file.jpeg", this allows then
Apache on either server1 or server2 to access the file

- Created an lseek C program to try mimicking a captured Apache strace 
but it shows success on any combination of file access scenarios

Prior to adding in Lustre no such such issues were encountered.

Eric Kolb
DCS - UVic Systems
University of Victoria
Office: 250-721-7658

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