[lustre-discuss] Lustre 2.5.3 on centos 6.y with y>=5

Thomas Lorenzen ki11er_bob at yahoo.dk
Fri Oct 2 02:21:20 PDT 2015

The support matrix states that lustre 2.5.3 is supported on centos 6.5. However, it seems, that when updating a fresh centos 6.5, it turns into centos 6.7. The kernel is still 2.6.32, but "sub version" changes from -431 to -573.7.1. This makes installing the lustre client packages fail due to the mismatch in "sub version", which can be circumvented by means of option --nodeps. However, question remains, if this is supported. Thus, in brief, is lustre 2.5.3 supported when running on centos 6.7?
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