[lustre-discuss] MGTMDT device getting full

Torsten Harenberg torsten.harenberg at cern.ch
Sun Oct 25 02:40:29 PDT 2015

Hi Andreas,

thanks again for your support.

Am 25.10.2015 um 10:05 schrieb Dilger, Andreas:
> If you just renamed the oi.16 file (which is reasonable for backup
> purposes) then no space would be freed on the MDT, or free space might
> even shrink because new OI files had to be created.  At least you should
> be able to see that the new OI files are in total smaller than the old
> one.  You could also move the old oi.16 file off the MDT to an external
> filesystem, but that would take longer for both the initial fix, and also
> if you needed to go back for some reason.

sorry, my mail wasn't clear in that. My idea was to move the oi.16 file
out of the ldiskfs partition, so that the space would be freed.

We have the MDT on a 3par SAN appliance, so I can make a copy of the LUN
on the SAN backend within seconds, and could also go back to that state
very fast if needed.

If I understand you correctly, at least that is worth a try.

Can the time needed for the rebuild (so to have the filesystem back
online) somehow be estimated?

Best regards and have a nice sunday


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