[lustre-discuss] refresh file layout error

E.S. Rosenberg esr+lustre at mail.hebrew.edu
Wed Sep 2 04:57:38 PDT 2015

Hi all,

I am seeing an interesting/annoying problem with lustre and am not really
sure what/where to look.

When a webserver (galaxy using wsgi/apache2) tries to server (large) files
stored on lustre it fails to send the full file and I see the following
errors in syslog:

Sep  2 11:50:17 hm-02 kernel: LustreError:
6973:0:(vvp_io.c:1197:vvp_io_init()) fs01: refresh file layout
[0x200008815:0x217e:0x0] error -13.
Sep  2 11:50:17 hm-02 kernel: LustreError:
6973:0:(file.c:179:ll_close_inode_openhandle()) inode 144115772543738238
mdc close failed: rc = -13

If I try to access the files through their direct path (copying to
tmp/md5sum/sha512sum) it seems to work without a problem (full file is
copied and sums agree, from different nodes).

When we switched the storage backend to NFS the server worked fine, so my
guess is that there is an issue with the way python tries to read from the

Is anyone familiar with the error above?

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