[lustre-discuss] dne2: lfs setdirstripe

Faaland, Olaf P. faaland1 at llnl.gov
Wed Sep 2 15:17:38 PDT 2015


We have begun work on testing DNE with ZFS backend.  So far we've only done the installation of the filesystem and begun educating ourselves.

I see in man lfs, that "lfs setdirstripe" has some restrictions by default
 - only executable by root unless "mdt.*.enable_remote_dir_gid" is set
 - only directories on MDT0000 can contain directories that are not on the same MDT unless "mdt.*.enable_remote_dir"

1. Are those restrictions still current, or do they refer to DNE phase 1 restrictions that no longer apply?

2. If the first, allowing only root to invoke "lfs setdirstripe" is current, what is the rationale?

3. Is there documentation, or a mailing list thread, that we should read prior to posting questions?


Olaf P. Faaland
Livermore Computing
phone : 925-422-2263
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