[lustre-discuss] refresh file layout error

E.S. Rosenberg esr+lustre at mail.hebrew.edu
Wed Sep 2 22:22:44 PDT 2015

On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 8:47 PM, Wahl, Edward <ewahl at osc.edu> wrote:

> I've seen this kind of error before when doing samba to do something
> stupid (and let's face it, that most everything with samba)   It was a
> locking issue I think.   Things were being changed/deleted/ (unlinked in
> actuality)  as the client was trying to do something with it.
>  Is the Apache process or it's spawned app(s)  still working on the files
> in question while serving them up?
Not as far as I know, these are result files that were generated days ago
(possibly more) and should be static by now....
But I'll double check with the people behind the app....

> That would be my guess here.  Any chance this is across NFS?  Seen that a
> great deal with this error, it used to cause crashes.
Strictly speaking it is not, but it may be because a part of the path the
server 'sees'/'knows' is a symlink to the lustre filesystem which lives on


> Ed Wahl
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> Hi all,
> I am seeing an interesting/annoying problem with lustre and am not really
> sure what/where to look.
> When a webserver (galaxy using wsgi/apache2) tries to server (large) files
> stored on lustre it fails to send the full file and I see the following
> errors in syslog:
> Sep  2 11:50:17 hm-02 kernel: LustreError:
> 6973:0:(vvp_io.c:1197:vvp_io_init()) fs01: refresh file layout
> [0x200008815:0x217e:0x0] error -13.
> Sep  2 11:50:17 hm-02 kernel: LustreError:
> 6973:0:(file.c:179:ll_close_inode_openhandle()) inode 144115772543738238
> mdc close failed: rc = -13
> If I try to access the files through their direct path (copying to
> tmp/md5sum/sha512sum) it seems to work without a problem (full file is
> copied and sums agree, from different nodes).
> When we switched the storage backend to NFS the server worked fine, so my
> guess is that there is an issue with the way python tries to read from the
> 'disk'...
> Is anyone familiar with the error above?
> Thanks,
> Eli
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