[lustre-discuss] Migrate OSTs to ZFS

Fernando Perez fperez at icm.csic.es
Mon Sep 7 05:14:43 PDT 2015

Dear Lustre experts,

I have some questions about migrate OSTs to ZFS backend.

We have a Lustre filesystem with 200 TB and ten OSTs with lustre 2.4.1. 
Due to hardware problems in some OSTs disks we are planning to change 
these disks and configure the new ones (server + JBOD) with ZFS backend.

I have some questions about this:

- I have seen LU-4009 about ZFS ZIL. Does it mean that we should 
configure the zfs filesystem osts without ZIL dedicated ssds?
- Is L2ARC cache supported in Lustre?


Fernando Pérez
Institut de Ciències del Mar (CMIMA-CSIC)
Departament Oceanografía Física i Tecnològica
Passeig Marítim de la Barceloneta,37-49
08003 Barcelona
Phone:  (+34) 93 230 96 35

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