[lustre-discuss] remove corrupted directory entry ?

Chris Hunter chris.hunter at yale.edu
Wed Sep 16 08:50:01 PDT 2015

We experienced file corruption on several OSTs. We proceeded through 
recovery using e2fsck & ll_recover_lost_found_obj tools. Following these 
steps, e2fsck came out clean.

We are in the process of cleaning up lost/corrupted files. A file when 
stat'd reports error "Cannot allocate memory" is considered bad. We are 
able to remove these files with the "unlink" command.

However we have a few directory entries that are corrupted. A stat of 
the directory reports "No such file or directory". How can we remove 
these directory entries ? (so we can restore from backup)

FYI, e2fsck of MDT volume was clean, online lfsck scrub reports no errors.

chris hunter
chris.hunter at yale.edu

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