[lustre-discuss] Remove failnode parameter

Martin Hecht hecht at hlrs.de
Mon Sep 28 07:05:15 PDT 2015


--erase-params should remove everything, but you have to set the other
ones (e.g. --mgsnode) again. If you don't want to have any --failnode,
just leave that one out. At least this is how it should work. If not,
you could post the exact command line and the output of the tunefs
command here.


On 09/27/2015 05:16 PM, Exec Unerd wrote:
> Thanks for the reply.
> I can't seem to get tunefs to *remove *the failnode parameter. I can
> *change *the failnode NIDs, but I can't figure out how to wholesale remove
> the param as if I'd never put it in.
> On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 1:43 AM, Martin Hecht <hecht at hlrs.de> wrote:
>> On 09/23/2015 02:38 AM, Exec Unerd wrote:
>>> I made a typo when setting failnode/servicenode parameters, but I can't
>>> figure out how to remove the failnode parameter entirely
>>> I can change the failnode NIDs, but I can't figure out how to completely
>>> remove "failnode" from the system.
>>> Does anyone have an example of a syntax (maybe lctl?) that will eliminate
>>> the failnode parameter from the config so there's no chance it gets in
>> the
>>> way of the servicenode parameter?
>> you have set the failnode with tunefs.lustre, right? You can erase *all*
>> parameters with tunefs.lustre --erase-params and set the correct ones
>> again. You can combine several ones in one call, and I recommend to use
>> also the dry-run option before actually changing anything
>> tunefs.lustre --erase-params --mgsnode= at o2ib --param
>> sys.timeout=300  --failnode= at o2ib --dryrun
>> /dev/mapper/some-device
>> the output will be the previous values and the premanent disk data which
>> the command intents to write. If this is ok, ommit the --dryrun option.
>> BTW the file system must be unmounted to perform the tunefs command.

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