[lustre-discuss] Problem mounting over infiniband

Jon Tegner tegner at foi.se
Thu Apr 28 05:12:34 PDT 2016


I have brought up a test system using


I can mount the system over tcp, but when I try to do so over infiniband 
i get errors of the type:

Can't accept conn from at o2ib, queue depth too large: 128 (<=8 

Can't accept conn from at o2ib (version 12): max_frags 32 
incompatible without FMR pool (256 wanted)

After searching I suspected it had something to do with the fact that we 
have mellanox (mlx4_ib) on the server and qlogic on the client (ib_qib).

Also found a possible solution, by putting

options ko2iblnd peer_credits=124 concurrent_sends=62 map_on_demand=256

However, there are a bunch of options to ko2iblnd, and to me it is not 
obvious which values to chose. Is there a specific strategy one should 



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