[lustre-discuss] llapi_file_open() messages to stderr

John Bauer bauerj at iodoctors.com
Sat Apr 30 09:51:05 PDT 2016

I am implementing the use of*llapi_file_open()* in my I/O library so I 
can set the striping.  If the file already exists I get the following 
message on stderr:

*error on ioctl 0x4008669a for 'dd.dat' (4): stripe already set*

Is there some way to suppress this message?  The end-uers of my library 
will get these messages in stderr of their job and will likely have no 
clue as to why.  My library detects the failed llapi_file_open() and 
retrys with open64() and spits out its own error message to the 
library's log.



I/O Doctors, LLC
bauerj at iodoctors.com

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