[lustre-discuss] quota on zfs wrong

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Tue Aug 2 10:07:04 PDT 2016

Hi all,

we have our OSTs on ZFS (Lustre 2.5.3, ZFS 0.6.3), and the quota information is entirely off in some 
For a particular user who seems to have all of his files in one definite directory, 'lfs quota' tells 
me about 12.6 TB, while 'du' says the directory has just 1.4 TB.

We have had several crashes of the MDS, during which we had to disable/enable quota on the MDT (via 
tune2fs), and the inode numbers now given are quite funny.
But here I'm concerned about the space accounting. The OSS were stable, I didn't expect anything 
broken there.

We have a robinhood running which keeps hitting a known lbug, but while it is up, it reports 1.4 TB 
for that user.

I have also checked and summed up all osd-zfs.*.quota_slave.acct_user, which of course gives the value 
reported by lfs quota.
For the particular user, I found one OST with 124 GB in quota_slave.acct_user, while the sum of all of 
the user's files on that OST via 'lfs find  --obd...' amount to 1.6 GB only.

Is there any way to repair this sort of thing?
The quota here relies on ZFS accounting, right? But it is not a per-OST ZFS quota?

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