[lustre-discuss] tune2fs being blocked by MMP

Gibbins, Faye Faye.Gibbins at cirrus.com
Thu Aug 4 06:39:47 PDT 2016


 Yes it is mounted. But that's not always a problem. We have a test lustre cluster where it's mounted and the tune2fs works fine. But it fails in production.

 Production have failover turned on for the OSTs. Something absent on that particular test cluster.

 Is it possible there's something in lustre that prohibits tune2fs working only when failover is on for an OST?


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> On Aug 2, 2016, at 10:38 AM, Gibbins, Faye <Faye.Gibbins at cirrus.com> wrote:
> tune2fs: MMP: device currently active while trying to open /dev/mapper/scratch--1--5-scratch_3
> MMP error info: last update: Tue Aug  2 15:34:09 2016
> node: edi-vf-1-5.ad.cirrus.com device: dm-19
> 0 edi-vf-1-5:~#

Is the device currently mounted?  If so, that would explain the error.

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National Institute for Computational Sciences

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