[lustre-discuss] ZFS not freeing disk space

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Thu Aug 11 09:49:23 PDT 2016


thanks for all the hints.

I can report that reactivating the OST does not have any impact, space is not freed, although some 
orphaned objects were cleared.

In the meantime (OST deactivated on the MDS), the culprit had been found, a 7.5TB-file, which was then 
removed by the users. Obviously it is still there.

To find out if Lustre lets you delete files at all, I then followed the workaround of Andreas in LU-4825,
 > oss# lctl set_param fail_loc=0x229 fail_val={ost_index}

With the OST active on the MDT, this indeed seems to prevent new file creation on this OST, althoug I 
did not see any of the odd error messages predicted by Andreas.
However, migration of files off the OST now works.

Finally, I rebooted the OSS, but again without success, filling state is the same as before reboot.

The last time when this issue repaired itself, it was probably indeed after a reboot of the MDS. Out 
of question of course in a production environment.


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