[lustre-discuss] benchmarking the lustre file system

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Add my voice to what Ben said...

Might I also suggest putting your IOR issue here?  It's the accepted standard of benchmarking tools, so many, many people here will be familiar with it. No guarantee of help, but it might be worth a shot.

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IIRC iozone does not use MPI, and has it's own config files, which can get
complex.  I found running something like xdd was more reliable and easier
to organize, though a little more care needs to be put into evaluating the
final results.  IOR is a much simpler and straightforward tool to use on a


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>> I've recently encountered an issue with IOR and was wondering if
>> there were any other file system benchmarking tools that can be used
>> to test reads / writes to a lustre file system from multiple nodes.
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