[lustre-discuss] Filesystem hanging....

Oleg Drokin oleg.drokin at intel.com
Fri Aug 26 12:48:20 PDT 2016

On Aug 14, 2016, at 1:13 PM, Phill Harvey-Smith wrote:

> On 14/08/2016 03:09, Stephane Thiell wrote:
>> Hi Phil,
> Phill :)
>> I understand that you’re running master on your clients (tag v2_8_56
>> was created 4 days ago) and 2.1 on the servers? Running master in
>> production is already a challenge. Also Lustre has never be good for
>> cross-version compatibility. For example, it is possible to make 2.1
>> servers work with 2.5 clients and 2.5 servers work with 2.7 clients,
>> even though additional patches may be needed.
> Right, I believe that the version of the client we where using before the upgrade was certainly an older 2.x version, it might be worth seeing if I can get that to compile on the current kernel.

I guess you have already figured it out, but current master no
longer works with 2.1 at all.
There was an incompatible 16M RPC patch landed recently that broke the interop,
I saw this mentioned on irc some time ago.

> Humm upgrading the server is going to be a major pain in the ass, it was setup before I joined the department and is basically a Redhat kernel running on an Ubuntu 10.04 base. Ideally I'd want to migrate the servers (we have separate OSS and MDS) to a supported platform, even if it isn't Ubuntu, it's just more sane :)

There's always an option of downgrading your clients, I guess.


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