[lustre-discuss] problems accessing files as non-root user.

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Does your new MDS server have all the UIDs of these people in /etc/passwd?


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Hi All,

I'm in the final step of upgrading our storage servers to lustre 2.8.

The MDS/OSS are running on Centos 7.2 the clients are Ubuntu 12.04, though I also have a virtual machine running on Centos 7.2 as a client, both seem to exhibit the same problem.

Our old environment was a 2.4 client and a 2.1 server.

I have used rsync across ssh to sync the data from the old environment to the new, this appeared to work correctly.

However trying to access the data on the new clients (ether the Ubuntu or Centos), as a non-root user results in strange errors and an inability to access the files. Accessing them as root seems to work without error.

for example one of my filesystems is mounted as /home : at tcp0:/storage               /storage        lustre 
defaults,_netdev,flock,noauto 0 0 at tcp0:/home                  /home           lustre 
defaults,_netdev,flock,noauto 0 0 at tcp0:/scratch               /scratch        lustre 
defaults,_netdev,flock,noauto 0 0

for example as user stsxab doning an ls -la of /home results in many entries such as :

stsxab at test-r420:/home$ ls -la
ls: .: Bad address
ls: cannot access margaw: Permission denied
ls: home.old: Bad address
ls: strjab: Bad address
ls: margbe: Bad address
ls: strmah: Bad address
ls: strkar: Bad address

etc before a list of some of the directories.

The following is also logged in /var/log/syslog :
Dec 12 17:09:30 test-r420 kernel: [ 1622.960000] Lustre: Unmounted home-client Dec 12 17:09:40 test-r420 kernel: [ 1633.122522] Lustre: Unmounted home-client Dec 12 17:10:04 test-r420 kernel: [ 1656.968193] Lustre: Mounted home-client Dec 12 17:10:04 test-r420 kernel: [ 1656.968199] Lustre: Skipped 3 previous similar messages Dec 12 17:11:07 test-r420 kernel: [ 1720.170159] LustreError: 11-0: 
home-MDT0000-mdc-ffff881002e2b000: operation ldlm_enqueue to node at tcp failed: rc = -14

But doing the ls as root works fine.

Any idea what the problem is with this as I need to get it resolved or roll back to the old client / servers and pospone until it is working correctly.


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