[lustre-discuss] problems accessing files as non-root user.

Phill Harvey-Smith p.harvey-smith at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Dec 13 01:46:30 PST 2016

On 12/12/2016 17:27, Patrick Farrell wrote:
> Perhaps more expansively:
> Is the new MDS configured to be able to authenticate these users?  Using
> /etc/passwd synchronization to do network auth is nasty.  It's just
> asking for weird troubles if you don't get it exactly right.  LDAP or
> similar is the way to go.

This time replying to group as well :)

That could be it, the cluster has a nis server for user management, so I 
guess I need to add the nis client to the MDS. I'd not done this as I 
didn't think it would be needed and would prevent the normal users from 
logging in directly to the MDS. But thinking about the way Lustre 
operates, I can see why it would be needed.

Having installed nis on the MDS i can confirm that this does indeed seem 
to have fixed the permissions problem.

Thanks for the speedy replies all.



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