[lustre-discuss] syntax/guidance on lfsck

Jessica Otey jotey at nrao.edu
Tue Dec 13 13:04:56 PST 2016

If there is anyone who has run as lfsck on a 2.5.3 system, I would 
appreciate some guidance. The manual has only been of limited help.

The situation: We were draining and OST unaware that a but in 2.5.3 
causes the inodes to remain--thus rendering the df readout inaccurate 
(and therefore not useful).

The solution: This should be fixable via lfsck--it would simply compared 
the inodes and the files and bring them back into the correct alignment 
(i.e., delete the inodes that no longer correspond to data on the OST).

The specific issue: I don't know:

1) What exact lfsck command to issue
2) Where to issue it (mds, oss)
3) What to expect as far as output/how to interact with it

What I have done:

I had issued (on the oss) the following command:

[root at naasc-oss-6 ~]# lctl lfsck_start --device naaschpc-OST0014
Started LFSCK on the device naaschpc-OST0014.

But the prompt just returns, as if it either done or it is doing 
something in the background?

I don't understand how to tell what it is doing. When I tried to stop 
it, I got:

[root at naasc-oss-6 ~]# lctl lfsck_stop --device naaschpc-OST0014
Fail to stop LFSCK: Operation already in progress

Any help interpreting these messages as well as coming up with the 
proper command to run to correct our inode issue would be helpful. 
Please keep in mind that many features described in the 2.x manual 
aren't available because we are only using 2.5.3. (For instance, the 
--type layout option, which seems to be what we want (check and repair 
MDT-OST inconsistency) is not available until 2.6.


Jessica Otey
System Administrator II
North American ALMA Science Center (NAASC)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)
Charlottesville, Virginia (USA)

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