[lustre-discuss] open response time increase

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
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Two questions to help get started.

1. What version of Lustre client and server?
2. Do you have changelogs enabled?

- Patrick

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Hello all,

I have 100 directories with 1,000,000 files at each directory in Lustre file system. My benchmark program

selects files randomly, opens, writes, and closes them. Then response times of open increase gradually.

I found that ll_invalidate_negative_children() at open scans all the child dentries to look for negative dentries

and invalidate them. And this scanning takes more time gradually.

I want to know why open invalidates negative dentries at lustre client. And whether this must be done.

Also I want the response time of open doesn't increase.

Thanks in advance,


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