[lustre-discuss] Lustre.org needs your help

Rawlings, Kenrick D kerawlin at iu.edu
Wed Feb 24 08:07:56 PST 2016

?Dear Lustre Community,

Lustre.org needs your help. Join the Lustre.org Working Group and help make the site more useful for all of us. Lustre is a powerful and adaptable file system with an ever expanding array of features and tunables. Let's work together to gather our tips, tricks, scripts, and hard-fought wisdom into one highly accessible location and help one another get the most from Lustre.

What's your expertise? Perhaps it's ZFS, debugging, internals, or the fine points of LNET Routers. Join up and share what you know. We need your help reviewing and expanding content.

Learned something unexpected while working with Lustre? Share it! The recent discussion on optimizing file deletion rates contained exactly the sort of data that everyone could use.

Do you have an eye for design? Usability training? A key challenge we face is how best to present site content in a way that welcomes new users and serves Lustre veterans. We want your thoughts.

The old wiki (http://wiki.old.lustre.org/) contains useful information that could be migrated to the current wiki (http://wiki.lustre.org/), but many of the articles need review by people with specific knowledge. Please take a look at the page we've put together to coordinate that migration (http://wiki.lustre.org/Lustre.org_Wiki_Migration) and find the articles listed as "to-review" that fit your experience. We could use your help reviewing articles ranging from architecture to ZFS.

Please join the effort. Sign up for the Lustre.org Working Group mailing list today at http://lists.opensfs.org/listinfo.cgi/lustre.org-opensfs.org or feel free to contact me directly at kerawlin at iu.edu


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