[lustre-discuss] Inactivated ost still showing up on the mds

Sean Brisbane sean.brisbane at physics.ox.ac.uk
Fri Jan 22 01:33:41 PST 2016

Dear Kurt,

Im not sure if this is exactly what you were trying to do, but when I decommission an OST I also deactivate the OST on the client, which means that nothing on the OST will be accessible but the filesystem will carry on happily.  

 lctl set_param osc.lustresystem-OST00NN-osc*.active=0

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Good Afternoon Chris,

   I have already run the active=0 command on the mds, is there another step?  From my testing under 2.5.3 the clients will hang indefinitely without using the lazystatfs=1.

   Our major issue at present is that when the OST died it had a fair amount of data on in (closing in on 2M files lost), and it seems like the client gets into a bad state when calls re made repeatedly to files that are lost (but still have their ost index information).  As the crawl has unlinked files the number of errors has dropped, as have client crashes.


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Hi Kurt,
For reference when an underlying OST object is missing, this is the
error message generated on our MDS (lustre 2.5):
> Lustre: 12752:0:(mdd_object.c:1983:mdd_dir_page_build()) build page failed: -5!

I suspect until you update the MGS info the MDS will still connect to
the deactive OST.

My experience is sometimes the recipe to deactivate an OST works
flawlessly sometimes other times the clients hang on "df" command and
timeout on file access. I guess the order which you run the commands
(ie. client vs server) is important.

chris hunter

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> Subject: [lustre-discuss] Inactivated ost still showing up on the mds
> All,
>    Continuing the issues that I reported yesterday...  I found that by unlinking lost files that I was able to stop the below error from occurring, this gives me hope that systems will stop crashing once all the lost files are scrubbed.
> LustreError: 7676:0:(sec.c:379:import_sec_validate_get()) import ffff880623098800 (NEW) with no sec
> LustreError: 7971:0:(sec.c:379:import_sec_validate_get()) import ffff880623098800 (NEW) with no sec
>    I do note that the inactivated ost doesn't seem to ever REALLY go away.  After I removed an ost from my test system I noticed that the mds still showed it...
> On a client hooked up to the test system...
> client: lfs df
> UUID                   1K-blocks        Used   Available Use% Mounted on
> testL-MDT0000_UUID    1819458432       10112  1819446272   0% /testlustre[MDT:0]
> testL-OST0000_UUID   57914433152       12672 57914418432   0% /testlustre[OST:0]
> testL-OST0001_UUID   57914433408       12672 57914418688   0% /testlustre[OST:1]
> testL-OST0002_UUID   57914433408       12672 57914418688   0% /testlustre[OST:2]
> OST0003             : inactive device
> testL-OST0004_UUID   57914436992      144896 57914290048   0% /testlustre[OST:4
> on the mds it still shows as up when I do lctl dl:
> mds: lctl dl | grep OST0003
>  22 UP osp testL-OST0003-osc-MDT0000 testL-MDT0000-mdtlov_UUID 5
> So I stopped the test system, ran lctl dl again (getting no results), and restarted it.  Once the system was back up I still saw OST3 marked as UP with lctl dl:
> mds: lctl dl | grep OST0003
>  11 UP osp testL-OST0003-osc-MDT0000 testL-MDT0000-mdtlov_UUID 5
> Why does the mds still think that this OST is up?
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