[lustre-discuss] How to configure OST and OSS on separate nodes

jeevan.patnaik at wipro.com jeevan.patnaik at wipro.com
Wed Jan 27 01:36:35 PST 2016


I need a quick understanding of OST and OSS node confirmation.

1.      Can OST and OSS be on different nodes (servers).

2.      Lustre Manual says that :

" Running the OSS and a client on the same machine can cause issues with low memory and memory pressure. If the client consumes all the memory and then tries to write data to the filesystem, the OSS will need to allocate pages to receive data from the client but will not be able to perform this operation due to low memory. This can cause the client to hang."

I have understood this point.

But my question is: Can I use OST on client and OSS on separate server (if it is possible to run OST and OSS on separate servers)

The reason for this is we have tens of servers with internal hard disk of 4T each which we want to use it for OSTs, but all these servers are also should be clients (they are the grid execution hosts).

So, I am thinking of having separate OSSs and use the servers itself as OSTs. Also, do we need to install lustre kernel in all those OSTs? Because, all these servers are running with kernel 2.6.32-573.12.1.el6.x86_64, which the standard lustre packages won't be supporting. So, we need to roll back to 32-504_lustre kernel and again we need to work on setting yum repos, installing packages, resolving dependencies required for our tools..it's really a lot of work.

So, I am hoping its better to use storage/ OST on raw servers, where it is not required to install any tool related packages and I want to know all the possible options and then decide.

3.      If it is possible to have OST and OSS on separate nodes, please let me know how to configure. A brief example would be much helping. I am really not able to find time to read the complete manual.

Thanks and Regards,
Jeevan Patnaik B | Project Engineer
Nokia IT - HEE Platform | WIPRO Technologies - Hyderabad
Mob: +91-9000607181 | Off: +91-4030970347.

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