[lustre-discuss] Large directory Feature in lustre 2.5.3

Crowe, Tom thcrowe at iu.edu
Fri Jan 29 05:59:37 PST 2016

Greetings Kurt,

I believe the issue you are running into is too many files in a single
directory. We had a similar issue a little while back.
We ended up mounting the OST as ldiskfs, and used debugfs to search for
the inode. An example is below.

# debugfs -R Œncheck 111675137¹ /dev/dm-1

This should give you the path to the directory that contains ³too many

I am not sure what the "Large directory option" is. I suspect there is a
ldiskfs/ext3/4 feature that can be enabled to allow ³more² files in a
single directory. Perhaps dir_index?
Our initial concern was to locate the directory with all the files. The
search with debugfs did the trick for us.
We did not attempt to change any mount options, but rather ³educated² the
particular user that millions of files in a single directory was not a
good workflow.

Tom Crowe

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>   Recently this message appeard in the metadata system on our lustre
>2.5.3 file system.  Is there a way to enable this feature in 2.5.3?
>Jan 28 10:53:56 scmds14a kernel: LDISKFS-fs warning (device dm-1):
>ldiskfs_dx_add_entry: Directory (ino: 111675137) index full, reach max
>htree level :2
>Jan 28 10:53:56 scmds14a kernel: LDISKFS-fs warning (device dm-1):
>ldiskfs_dx_add_entry: Large directory feature isnot enabled on this
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