[lustre-discuss] patchless Lustre client on ZFS

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Sat Jan 30 06:19:13 PST 2016

No, patchless refers to not needing a patched version of the kernel itself.  You'll still need the Lustre client bits you noted installed (and they will need to be built for your particular kernel version). Also, the ability to use patchless clients doesn't depend on ZFS vs ldiskfs on your servers, it will work either way.

- Patrick
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I have been reading that if the Lustre 2.6 server is built on ZFS then a patchless client may be used.  So am I understanding correctly that a Lustre 2.6 server on ZFS may have a client successfully mount without the lustre-client and lustre-client-module packages installed?

TIA for the clarification.

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