[lustre-discuss] Understanding quotas

Gibbins, Faye Faye.Gibbins at cirrus.com
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Thanks for replying. It's good to know that my emails are getting through. :)

H'm. 512Byte blocks you say? That's confusing.

I know that my used quota is "88120" K, but this setting from /proc/fs/lustre/qmt/scratch-QMT0000/dt-0x0/glb-usr is 117440512 so that means that the units of this value would be 1332 Bytes surely.

Sorry I might be a little blonde here. How does 117440512 x 512Bytes = 86M?


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to answer you the mail passed through the list.
I am not sure of the meaning of granted or I would have answered you. I am not using quotas.
Anyway looks like is is really your used quota if we suppose that 117440512 are 512Bytes blocks
this matches 86M

hope I have been helpful

On 11/07/16 07:57, Gibbins, Faye wrote:

Could someone please help me understand lustre quotas?

I've created a lustre filesystem called "scratch" using RHEL 7.2 and Lustre 2.8. When I run "lctl get_param qmt.scratch-QMT0000.dt-0x0.*" on the MDT I see for my ID the following:

- id:      20977
  limits:  { hard:            600000000, soft:            500000000, granted:            117440512, time:                    0 }

Can someone tell me what the "granted" field is representing? I know it's not my used quota, that's only 86M and this value is nearer 112G.

Faye Gibbins

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