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Hi Brian,

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Ok, I thought 100GB would be sufficient for an MDT.
I have 2 MDTs as well, BUT…

MDT0 is 100% full and now I cannot write anything to my lustre filesystem.
The MDT is on a ZFS backing filesystem.

So, what is the proper way to grow my MDT using ZFS? Do I need to shut the filesystem down completely? Can I just add a disk or space to the pool and Lustre will see it?

Any advice or direction is appreciated.

We just did this successfully on the two MDTs backing one of our Lustre file systems and everything happened at the ZFS layer. We added drives to the pool and Lustre immediately saw the additional capacity. Whether you take down the file system or do it live is a question of your architecture, skills, and confidence. Having test file system is also worthwhile to go over the steps.


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