[lustre-discuss] more on lustre striping

Ashley Pittman ashley at pittman.co.uk
Fri Jun 10 05:29:02 PDT 2016

On 22/05/16 02:56, John Bauer wrote:
> Oleg
> I can intercept the fopen(), but that does me no good as I can't set 
> the O_LOV_DELAY_CREATE bit.  What I can not intercept is the open() 
> downstream of fopen().  If one examines the symbols in libc you will 
> see there are no unsatisfied externals relating to open, which means 
> there is nothing for the runtime linker to find concerning open's.  I 
> will have a look at the Lustre 1.8 source, but I seriously doubt that 
> the open beneath fopen() was intercepted with LD_PRELOAD.  I would 
> love to find a way to do that.  I could throw away a lot of code. 
> Thanks,  John

Could you not intercept fopen() and implement it with calls to open() 
and fdopen() yourself which would give you full control over what you're 
looking for here?

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