[lustre-discuss] can not get the hsm_release command to work with Lustre 2.7 and Oracle HSM 6.1

Michael Skiba michael.skiba at oracle.com
Thu Jun 23 08:27:22 PDT 2016

To all,


               I am running a basic Lustre configuration 2.7 with Red Hat 6.6 and an Oracle HSM 6.1 system. The Lustre file system is running properly and works with the HSM samqfs File system.  I can manually  (nfs ) cp files back and forth to the Lustre and HSM file systems without a problem. I can run a Lustre  hsm_archive with no problems. When I try to request the hsm_release command it fails. I am trying to get the 5 request types to work stated in the manual on pg168 Chapter 22.4. Here are the steps below that I ran into on the Lustre Client. The Lustre Client mount point is /mnt  and the HSM mount point is /samqfs1. 


Any help would be most appreciated 



Her is the archive complete.


[root at isr-x4150-01 ~]# lfs hsm_archive --archive=1 /mnt/0.out

[root at isr-x4150-01 ~]# df -h

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on

/dev/sda2             134G  7.0G  121G   6% /

tmpfs                 3.9G     0  3.9G   0% /dev/shm

/dev/sda1             477M  105M  348M  24% /boot at tcp0:/lustre

                      136G  9.6G  120G   8% /mnt

                      558G   11G  548G   2% /samqfs1

[root at isr-x4150-01 ~]# lfs hsm_state /mnt/0.out

/mnt/0.out: (0x00000001) exists, archive_id:1



Here is the hsm_release  request followed by the error.


[root at isr-x4150-01 ~]# lfs hsm_release /mnt/0.out

Cannot send HSM request (use of /mnt/0.out): Operation not permitted


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