[lustre-discuss] lustre file system mounted as (ro), is that right?

Yu Chen chenyu at umbc.edu
Tue Jun 28 11:59:08 PDT 2016


I have finally installed lustre 2.8.0 following Christopher's suggestion
(although it didn't compile on the latest kernel, 327.22). But it mounted
as read-only (ro) on mds, is that right?
Here are the steps/info:

installed kernel:




   - installed zfs-release, and edited zfs.repo to use kmod.
   - yum clean metadata
   - yum install zfs spl kmod-zfs kmod-spl kmod-zfs-devel kmod-spl-devel
   - Then rpmbuild --rebuild --with zfs --without ldiskfs ./lustre...rpm
   - Then installed all the lustre rpms
   - loaded zfs spl lustre lnet modules
   - mkfs.lustre --reformat --fsname=lustre01 --mgs --mdt --backfstype=zfs
   --index=0 --mgsnode= at o2ib --servicenode= at o2ib
   - echo "mds1 - lustre01-MDT0000 zfs:mdt01-pool/mgsmdt01" > /etc/ldev.conf
   - echo "options lnet networks=o2ib(ib0)" > /etc/modprobe.d/lustre.conf
   - systemctl start lustre.service didn't work, had to use service lustre
   - then "mount" shows the following:

mdt01-pool/mgsmdt01 on /mnt/lustre/local/lustre01-MDT0000 type lustre (ro)

Is this right?

If I try to ls /mnt/lustre/local/lustre01-MDT000, it will say:

ls: cannot access /mnt/lustre/local/lustre01-MDT0000/: Not a directory

Thanks a lot for your time and help! First time doing lustre, a lot to

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