[lustre-discuss] Query regarding MDS and OSS functions

Sangeetha Banavathi Srinivasa bsangee at vt.edu
Tue Jun 28 17:58:03 PDT 2016


I had the following doubts about the functioning of lustre.

1. Whenever a file creation request is sent from the client, the request is sent to MDS from where a list of OSTs, file metadata etc is received.
	After this point does the data flow through the OSS to the OST or does the client communicate with the OST directly?

2. If a lustre system has more than one MDS will the client always send its requests to the same MDS or how is this decided?

3. How does the MDS decide which OSTs have to be allocated whenever a file request has been made?

4. How many OSTs can an OSS have? How is this upper limit decided if at all?

5. How many clients can an application have?


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