[lustre-discuss] OST not connecting to secondary mgs on initial startup

Kurt Strosahl strosahl at jlab.org
Thu Mar 3 06:06:11 PST 2016

Good Morning,

   I'm trying to add a new ost to a lustre file system, one in which the mgs is presently on its failover node.  It looks like the ost does not failover and connect to the mgs.

Lustre: Lustre: Build Version: 2.5.3-RC1--PRISTINE-2.6.32-431.23.3.el6_lustre.x86_64
Lustre: 7401:0:(client.c:1918:ptlrpc_expire_one_request()) @@@ Request sent has timed out for slow reply: [sent 1457013046/real 1457013046]  req at ffff88202ba58c00 x1527788910673924/t0(0) o250->MGC<head A>@o2ib@<head A>@o2ib:26/25 lens 400/544 e 0 to 1 dl 1457013051 ref 1 fl Rpc:XN/0/ffffffff rc 0/-1
LustreError: 7385:0:(client.c:1083:ptlrpc_import_delay_req()) @@@ send limit expired   req at ffff88202ba58800 x1527788910673928/t0(0) o253->MGC<head A>@o2ib@<head A>@o2ib:26/25 lens 4768/4768 e 0 to 0 dl 0 ref 2 fl Rpc:W/0/ffffffff rc 0/-1
LustreError: 15f-b: lustre2-OST0042: cannot register this server with the MGS: rc = -5. Is the MGS running?
LustreError: 7385:0:(obd_mount_server.c:1723:server_fill_super()) Unable to start targets: -5
LustreError: 7385:0:(obd_mount_server.c:845:lustre_disconnect_lwp()) lustre2-MDT0000-lwp-OST0042: Can't end config log lustre2-client.
LustreError: 7385:0:(obd_mount_server.c:1420:server_put_super()) lustre2-OST0042: failed to disconnect lwp. (rc=-2)
LustreError: 7385:0:(obd_mount_server.c:1450:server_put_super()) no obd lustre2-OST0042
LustreError: 7385:0:(obd_mount_server.c:135:server_deregister_mount()) lustre2-OST0042 not registered
Lustre: server umount lustre2-OST0042 complete

This is a zfs based system, and when check the configurations it appears to be ok...

lustre-ost66/ost66  lustre:index          66                                   local
lustre-ost66/ost66  lustre:svname         lustre2:OST0042                      local
lustre-ost66/ost66  lustre:version        1                                    local
lustre-ost66/ost66  lustre:flags          98                                   local
lustre-ost66/ost66  lustre:mgsnode        <head A>@o2ib:<head B>@o2ib  local


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