[lustre-discuss] Real cases where setstripe is useful

Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Tue Mar 15 04:42:17 PDT 2016

By default, file creation is round robin-ed across OSTs (and the default stripe count is one).  You can change this in various ways, but that's the standard setup.  So you will get an even distribution of files, but if most of your I/O is to one file, you will not get good load balancing unless you stripe that file across multiple OSTs.
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Hmm…Seems to be the answer, from manual:

“The MDS will normally handle space balancing automatically at file creation time, and this procedure is
normally not needed, but may be desirable in certain circumstances (e.g. when creating very large files
that would consume more than the total free space of the full OSTs).”

Sorry, if you feel like I am spamming with too many mails. I am just trying to have a quick understanding as soon as possible.


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Two Quick questions:

For suppose, there are 4 OSTs (5 OSS), no striping. And the no. of clients are 50.

Will the OSS, picks different OSTs automatically when all the clients starts requesting for storage, and will there be evenly distribution of load?

And on top of that, can this be a good configuration? I must say we are trying to replace Netapps NFS solution with Lustre.

The above example may going to be the real case in our setup, or there may be chance of using more OSTs. Unfortunately, I don’t have much technical details of our current configuration as of now, if you ask.


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I have been reading about using setstripe exclusively for files or directories. I would like to know if it is helpful for a grid jobs.

We are going to use lustre in grid environment in place of NFS. So, at what stage, can I exactly use setstripe?

These jobs would generate files and the creation of those files are not in our control and the size to my knowledge, may not be determined in prior.

So, does it mean that in grid, we could only use the default stripe for all files and directories?

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