[lustre-discuss] Permanently disabled OST causes clients to hang on df (statfs)

Jerome, Ronald Ron.Jerome at ssc-spc.gc.ca
Thu Nov 24 13:34:15 PST 2016


I'm seeing what appears to be LU-4397<https://jira.hpdd.intel.com/browse/LU-4397> on a newly installed Lustre 2.8.0 (CentOS 7) system.  I disabled an OST on the MGS using lctl conf_param data-OST0001.osc.active=0, and the clients can mount and use the file system, however df on the clients hangs for about 100s before returning the results.  Setting lazystatfs using lctl conf_param data.llite.lazystatfs=1 resolves the issue.

Interestingly, CentOS 6 clients don't have this issue, only CentOS 7 clients.

Also of note, CentOS 6 clients show the OST as Inactive, but the CentOS 7 clients don't (note data-OST0001 in these two listings).

[root at x92 ~]# lctl dl
  0 UP mgc MGC10.1.0.200 at o2ib 1a4b524d-6171-72a0-670b-58524f5135c9 5
  1 UP lov data-clilov-ffff8804bcaafc00 a4e753f1-6495-dfe9-d854-8d3e7305b6e8 4
  2 UP lmv data-clilmv-ffff8804bcaafc00 a4e753f1-6495-dfe9-d854-8d3e7305b6e8 4
  3 UP mdc data-MDT0000-mdc-ffff8804bcaafc00 a4e753f1-6495-dfe9-d854-8d3e7305b6e8 5
  4 UP osc data-OST0005-osc-ffff8804bcaafc00 a4e753f1-6495-dfe9-d854-8d3e7305b6e8 5
  5 UP osc data-OST0002-osc-ffff8804bcaafc00 a4e753f1-6495-dfe9-d854-8d3e7305b6e8 5
  6 UP osc data-OST0004-osc-ffff8804bcaafc00 a4e753f1-6495-dfe9-d854-8d3e7305b6e8 5
  7 UP osc data-OST0003-osc-ffff8804bcaafc00 a4e753f1-6495-dfe9-d854-8d3e7305b6e8 5
  8 IN osc data-OST0001-osc-ffff8804bcaafc00 a4e753f1-6495-dfe9-d854-8d3e7305b6e8 5

[root at x87 ~]# lctl dl
  0 UP mgc MGC10.1.0.200 at o2ib e5ab9926-ffa3-2c47-3851-e480303a42cc 5
  1 UP lov data-clilov-ffff88031ef85000 213b8ef0-18f9-b7d7-7c43-c8dfb333a11f 4
  2 UP lmv data-clilmv-ffff88031ef85000 213b8ef0-18f9-b7d7-7c43-c8dfb333a11f 4
  3 UP mdc data-MDT0000-mdc-ffff88031ef85000 213b8ef0-18f9-b7d7-7c43-c8dfb333a11f 5
  4 UP osc data-OST0005-osc-ffff88031ef85000 213b8ef0-18f9-b7d7-7c43-c8dfb333a11f 5
  5 UP osc data-OST0002-osc-ffff88031ef85000 213b8ef0-18f9-b7d7-7c43-c8dfb333a11f 5
  6 UP osc data-OST0004-osc-ffff88031ef85000 213b8ef0-18f9-b7d7-7c43-c8dfb333a11f 5
  7 UP osc data-OST0003-osc-ffff88031ef85000 213b8ef0-18f9-b7d7-7c43-c8dfb333a11f 5
  8 UP osc data-OST0001-osc-ffff88031ef85000 213b8ef0-18f9-b7d7-7c43-c8dfb333a11f 4

Ron Jerome

Team Leader, Infrastructure/Operations
Supercomputing Directorate
Shared Services Canada / Government of Canada

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