[lustre-discuss] Can Linux FS-Cache/CacheFS run on Lustre 2.10.x

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Dear All:

The best practice of DGX-1 on storage for DL, requires 4x SSDs to be local cache backend to improve IO performance by using Linux cacheFS.
6.1.1. Internal Storage
The first storage consideration is storage within the DGX-1 itself. For the best possible performance, a NFS read cache has been included in the DGX-1 appliance using the Linux cacheFS capability. It uses four SSD’s in a RAID-0 group. The drives are connected to a dedicated hardware RAID controller.

I looked Redhat Linux, the manual shows the FS-Cache is a persistent local cache that can be used by file systems to take data retrieved from over the network and cache it on local disk. This helps minimize network traffic for users accessing data from a file system mounted over the network (for example, NFS).


Can Linux FS-Cache/CacheFS run on Lustre 2.10.x   or will the Persistent Client-side Cache on Lustre 2.12 have the same function as FS-Cache on NFS to be released next year ?

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