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Patrick Farrell paf at cray.com
Thu Jan 26 08:13:16 PST 2017

I believe Andreas meant to say etc/passwd.

The key thing here is resolving that uid/gid.  That output suggests it failed.

It doesn't have to be in passwd if you're using ldap or some other auth setup, but you do have to be able to look up that uid/gid.
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It comes back with:

# L_GETIDENTITY_TEST=true l_getidentity -d 48
uid=48 gid=48
  nid                   perm

The only thing in /etc/hosts is the localhost. Everything else is via DNS that is all there (forward/reverse/aliases, etc)

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On Jan 25, 2017, at 16:36, Andrus, Brian Contractor <bdandrus at nps.edu> wrote:
> We’ve been using lustre for some time with great success, but I recently tried moving some hosted web pages from a gluster mount to a lustre mount and suddenly they don’t work, giving an error:
> [core:error] [pid 8769] (13)Permission denied: [client xxx.xxx.yyy.zzz:56341] AH00035: access to /yum/7/ denied (filesystem path '/opt/yum/7') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path
> Thing is, the permissions/ownership are exactly the same as the gluster mount. Is there a particular mount setting that needs done so apache can serve pages on a lustre mount?

Is the web server UID/GID in the /etc/hosts file on the MDS so that the l_getidentity upcall can find them?  Try running on the MDS as root:

L_GETIDENTITY_TEST=true l_getidentity -d {uid}

and verify that the user can be found.

Cheers, Andreas
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