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sergio.rivas at um.es sergio.rivas at um.es
Sun Jan 29 06:15:00 PST 2017

Good afternoon,

I’m currently developing a small library that allows to easily perform an mmap that targets files in storage, and so far the results have been quite positive in local tests. However, trying out the same code on our cluster that uses Lustre as PFS, I have noticed that the reads are conveniently cached but that the writes seem to be synchronously flushed to storage, hence, decreasing the perceived performance (despite this fact being technically correct from a data-consistency point of view).

My goal is to allow for the page cache of the OS to keep as much as dirty pages as possible with the purpose of aggregating write operations for free, but I’m afraid that I haven’t figured out how to solve this with Lustre after playing around with some of the settings that I found within the manual.

Could you, please, point out if there is any tunable setting (e.g., under /proc) that allow me to increase the caching or avoid direct flushing?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind Regards,

P.S.: I think my previous post didn’t go through, so I’m sending it again. Excuse me if it did!

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